Mafia Wars Godfather Unlocks the Hidden Code
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to the Top Seat in Facebook and MySpace,
Building the Ultimate Mafia

and Removing Anyone Who Stands In Your Way


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If you've ever wanted to recruit an obscene number of Mafia members and level up in a ridiculously short time, easily get godfather points on demand, this is the most important page you will ever read...


Just Press Play and Learn How the Ultimate Mafia Wars Pro Recruited 1947 Members with $ Trillions in the Bank and Achieved Level 877 in Record Time! Learn to build your Mafia at record speed, never lose a fight, never get robbed and dominate every hit list target you strike. Reach the top knowing how to be the Ultimate Godfather...

Name: Tony 'T Dub' Sanders



Are you sick of having so little energy points to complete jobs? Is this causing you to lose valuable time and you find leveling up a nightmare? Are you constantly getting beaten and bullied by other Mafia Wars players? Tired of losing battles and needing to beg people to join your Mafia?



Is Getting to Your Ideal Level Taking Too Long?



You have come to the right place. I know that you have seen the insane ways that players around the globe seem to be able to create and build their mafias at breakneck speed, growing their Godfather points, knocking off competition and easily dominating the world’s largest social networking game with practiced ease.


I saw it too and I was amazed.


How do these guys do this? What are their secrets? Are they real mobsters in real life? Do they have super charismatic skills that make people want to join their Mafia? The answers are all here.



Case Study From the Beta Testers...



Shortly after I launched my guide, I decided to do a case study and document the results of players who used my guide. After all, my reputation was on the line and I was determined for my guide to be extremely effective and easy to understand. I made a post on my blog and I chose 2 applicants (sorry to the other 586!) who were a level 2 and 5. My instructions to them was simple. Play the game for no more than 2 hours a day for the next 8 days.



And the Results?

$6 Billion, 952 Godfather Points and 673 Mafia Followers In 8 Days...


At the start, I was just like you. Mafia of 50, Godfather points of 10, $35,315 in cash, not knowing what to do... it was bloody frustrating! Eventually, I got fed up and decided to start learning exactly what it took to become one of these epic Godfathers. I logged on, started researching and did a lot of in-depth spying. It turns out that these guys aren’t just masters of the game – they are geniuses.


But they are careful geniuses, guarding their secrets like Fort Knox. It took weeks of research. I would find them on forums, contact them on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. I would look over shoulders on the train and email them secretly from second and third email addresses. To put it simply, I dug everywhere I could find dirt.


And eventually, I struck gold.


But, here’s the joke, the part that made me truly laugh. These strategies aren’t just amazingly effective, they’re so simple, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of them before. The top secret strategies that Mafia Godfathers around the world are using to amass Godfather Points and build their Mafias to 500 even before they start playing the game are ridiculously simple.



I Was Shocked Seeing How Easy It Was!



How could I have missed this? How could I not have seen the secrets so plainly in front of me. So, I started testing them. I built my mafia using these top secret methods and you won’t believe how fast I did it. It took me less than three days to get 500 people into my mafia, before I even took on a single job. Now, I have a fully armed, highly outfitted crew that dominates everyone I come in contact with. And to top it all off, the competition is MAD.



I'm Always on a Hit List!



It’s a good thing this isn’t the real mafia because those guys I was spying on, that I was gathering my secrets from, they’re not very happy. In fact they HATE me for what I’ve done... digging up all their secrets and now sharing them with the world. Some even THREATENED me with HATE e-mails and sent viruses and Trojans to me!


But I had to share the secrets. I spend months figuring out what it takes to master the upper reaches of Mafia Wars and I’m not going to be bullied around by the big Mafias out there who don’t want to see these secrets getting leaked. So, I did what I knew best. I created a guide that spills the beans on everything you need to know. Every little detail the big Mafias have worked so hard to keep me from sharing is all here.



"Introducing the Mafia Wars Blueprint. . ."

(Updated for Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok and Las Vegas!)

With thousands of hours played, hundreds of people in my Mafia and a year of practice and hard work, I’ve finally released my ultimate guide to becoming the top Godfather in Mafia Wars. This is the guide you’ve been dreaming all about – the epic book of information that will get you to the top in record time.

There’s nothing missing from these pages. You’ll learn everything I know about Mafia Wars – how I built my Mafia, how I dominated my competitors and why so many other Mafias are intent on silencing me.



No Filler, All Useful, Legal Tips



All the other guides out there promise the same information but they’re missing something. They load up on useless filler, telling you how to sign up for Facebook or telling you how to use illegal cheats that will get your game BANNED. Why would you pay money for that?


My guide is written to be 100% Legal and to show you only useful tips that you can use to dominate Mafia Wars. You won’t roll your eyes every other page as I don’t rehash any old information. I get right down to business – showing you what you need to be the best.

Ever wondered why only a few people can reach the top? It’s because you need a singular purpose and my guide gives you that purpose.


You Will Learn:


Top Mistakes 99% of Players Always Make
Why Millions of Players Are Building their Mafias Completely the Wrong Way
! Avoid Making them at All Costs.


Create a Massive Mafia
Legally Increase your Mafia to over 500+ players within 7 days!


Pimp Out your Mafia
Give your Badass Gang the Rarest, Most Powerful Weapons and Tools in the Game.


Never BEG Again
Reverse the Roles! Make the Best Players Beg you to let them Join your Mafia


Be the Bully. Fight the China vs. Taiwan Way!
How to Never Lose a Fight or Get Robbed Again and Crush all your Opposition


Stockpile your Godfather Points
Regardless of your Level,  Double your Godfather Points in One Day on Autopilot. So Easy, its Unbelievable!


Payback is a Bitch
What I Do to
Exact Revenge on Any Mafia that Messes with me. They will Learn their Lesson and Leave you Alone.


Unearth the Hidden Secrets and Loopholes
Learn the Secrets which No One Wants You to Know About. Find out How to Gather and Use Your Godfather Points the Most Efficient Way


How to Master Every Level and Every Job at Top Speed


Bring on Cuba and Moscow as I Break Down Everything You need to Know About the Expansions


Endless Updates as I Prepare You For the Upcoming Asia and Western US Addition


And Much Much More!

Well, sure I can tell you how incredible my guide is. But before you make a decision,



Just Look What Everyone Else is Saying...


"Take This Guide Off the Market Soon
So the Godfather Points Secret Stays Safe!"

I don't have much time to play Mafia Wars but I just love the fact that with minimal play, I have managed to maximize my Mafia! This guide is so unbelievably impressive that all my stats are through the roof!

My Godfather points are the main talking point among all my friends... but I'm not telling them your secret! In just three quick weeks, I am now the top of the pile of among my friends... and because I'm so appreciative, attached is a screenshot of my Mafia!

Thanks so much again. I hope you take this guide off the market soon so the godfather points secret stays safe!   :)


Yvonne 'The Don' D.


"I've Overtaken People who Have Played the Game for Over a Year!"


I just finished using the tips from your guide and I'm extremely impressed. I just started and never thought I could be good at this game. Now I've overtaken people who have played the game for over a year!


This book is awesome – it’s all useful information and it didn’t assume I knew everything about the entire game from the start. Everything is described step-by-step and there’s no fluff and filler though which makes it easier than I ever expected to build my top Mafia.


Thanks for showing how easy this can be!


- Jay V.


"I Went From Level 8 to Level 152 in 6 Days!"


I play to win. So when I bought your book, my only intention was to 'destroy' everything before me. Other books terribly disappointed me but yours is just fantastic.

In short, I went from Level 8 to Level 152 in 6 days. Nothing beats your book. Simply amazing!



- Jake S.


"I'm Dominating Everyone I Come in Contact With!"


I've been playing Mafia Wars for five months and I never knew how much strategy was involved in this game to actually do well. This guide is so detailed, I've not seen anything like it.


By following just three of your strategies, I’m dominating everyone I come in contact with!


- Steph L.


"I Have 501 Mafia Members and Haven’t Stopped Yet!"


It used to be a pain to get anyone to respond to my Mafia requests. They’re busy or just don’t get my messages. So, your guide was incredibly useful in helping me find and target them with the necessary tools to actually get them into my Mafia. Thanks a million for putting me at the top.


Now, I have 501 Mafia team members and haven’t stopped yet. I’m well on my way to the top of the charts and you can bet it’s because of your guide. I'm no longer the laughing stock among my friends!


- Teresa L.


"I was Skeptical..."

I admit I was skeptical. But after applying your Godfather Points secret technique, I just kept buying energy with it and leveled incredibly fast.

Anyone who refused my Mafia requests last time are regretting it deeply. And credit is all due to your Mafia Wars Blueprint!

Rico Cuellar.



Not only that but also,


100% Risk Free,
You Get 60 Days to Try This Out!



It's simple. You're Serious about Getting to the Very Top.
I'm Serious about Getting you There or your Money Back...


Here’s my promise to you: After you’ve downloaded and tested this powerful blueprint, if you don't see mind-blowing results in an insanely short period of time...

If you try just SOME of these strategies and don't finally see the unbelievable results...

Or...if you suddenly quit Mafia Wars…rendering this information totally useless to you...

Whatever the reason…

If for any reason whatsoever in the next 60 days you want a full refund then just email me and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours.

That's "No Questions Asked" for a full 60 days...

But now, I must ask one thing of you:



'It's Time to Decide if You're
A Bully or a Bitch!'



I need to know whether you're with me or not. Don't waste your time continuing reading if you aren't dead serious about destroying all before you and OWNING the game.

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A few days from now you could still be fully stressing about if you're going to be attacked and robbed in your sleep, how your stats are going down, why you're not making enough money...

Or you could be relaxing, confident and looking forward to seeing your Mafia Wars account, noticing how many people have attacked you and failed, people who are begging you to let them join your Mafia, how to spend all the money you have earned while being offline, the possibilities are endless...


Now is your chance to get the biggest, best, and most complete Mafia Wars guide on the Internet for a price so ridiculously low that you’ll never again see anything like it. In fact, I don’t even know if I’ll b able to keep it this low for very long.


Every day, I’m getting pressured harder and harder by the other Mafias and there’s only so long I can hold out. If you want to get the single most important resource you’ll ever find to become a top Godfather in Mafia Wars, act now because it may not be around for long.



This is for a Limited Time Only



You want to be the top of your Mafia? You want to be the hardest, most well seasoned Godfather online? Then you need this guide. And for those that order now, before I’m forced to raise the price, in a few days, you can get it now for just $37.


This is only for the serious Mafia Wars players out there that are tired of building their mafia slowly, don’t want to use any illegal cheats or hacks and don’t want to throw their money down the drain using guides that aren’t tried and tested.


So, make sure you order right now to not miss out.



So Here's What You Need to D0:



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Yes! I want Instant Access To these
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Updates for the Life of the Guide – every time I update my guide, you get a free update. Never worry about falling behind again.


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Don’t forget, it’s all risk free. Order today and you’ll have 60 days to try out Mafia Wars Blueprint without any risk.


Still Skeptical?

I'll throw in the
'Free Godfather Points Report' For FREE


This add-on alone has easily made me more than 952 Godfather Points in 8 days! Don't let anyone tell you that earning Godfather points is a slow and painful process!


For a long time, I kept this secret very closely guarded. This technique was known only to me and I refused to share it with anyone. But then, when people found out that my Godfather points were incredibly high, they kept asking me. Morning and night, days became weeks became months. I want to be left alone, so finally, I gave in and have decided to share this secret with you...


These techniques and strategies are so deadly simple- but they continue to work day after day, week after week. Your competition won't know what hit them when you put this into action. (You can use this even at level 1 starting with just a handful of dollars)


Don’t struggle for another minute. Learn what it takes to become the ultimate top Mafia Godfather today with Mafia Wars Blueprint. It’s only a click away.


Game On!


Tony 'T-Dub' Sanders


P.S. I’m only going to have to stop selling this guide in a few days to be fair to the others who have bought it a while ago. These secrets will take you to the very top in weeks and I cannot risk having everyone on the same high level competing against each other. S0, at any time, I might have to raise the price or stop selling the guide completely. Act now, while you still can.


P.P.S Remember that I stand by my product a 100%. If you don't like it for any reason at all, send me an email. You'll have your refund back within 48 hours.


P.P.P.S. These strategies are still top secret. If you wait, you’ll just have more and more competition. Get ahead of the competition now and act before someone else does.



Yes, Show Me the Members Area Now!





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